How To Turn Off Facebook Notifications | Stop Facebook Notifications

How To Turn Off  Facebook Notifications ~ Hello on this occasion I will share to you how to turn off facebook notifications on mobile android. Here I will give you two ways for you to stop receiving facebook notifications.

Receive notifications on facebook sometimes make us feel pissed, especially if the notice came when we were busy, so surely we want to immediately disable the notifications.

When someone commented on your status, or you commented on the status of your friends. then Facebook will send you a notice, that your comment has been replied to by the owner's status. It might make you happy or make you distracted.

If you want to stop or delete the notifications on facebook. So below are two ways how to turn off facebook notifications on mobile android

How To Stop Facebook Notifications

The first way:

1. If you want to disable all notifications on facebook, then you can go to the App Settings

2. On the App Settings, click Notifications

3. On the notifications menu, There are several features of facebook that you can turn off. then click one of the notifications that you want to turn off

The second way:

If you only want to turn off one of the facebook notifications. then you can follow the steps below:

Tap and hold one of the facebook notifications you want to turn off, then click Hide this notification

That's two ways how to turn off facebook notifications. Hopefully, this post can help you.