FACEBOOK DESKTOP VERSION | Facebook Desktop Login Or Download

Facebook desktop version - login or download. A variety of devices that can be used to log into facebook. one of them is using a desktop device or PC. Besides being able to login to facebook site via the desktop browser. users can also download the facebook app for desktop. but unfortunately, this app only works on windows operating system. be it windows 7, 8 or 10.

If you want to install the facebook application on your desktop device, then you can download the application at facebook desktop version → Download

In this post, I will share with you how do I log in to facebook using a desktop browser, so you don't need to download and install the facebook application on your desktop. This may be easier to do when you want to open facebook account via the desktop.

To be able to login to facebook desktop version. You can type a facebook site in a browser.

Facebook's official website:

1. https://facebook.com
2. http://www.facebook.com
3. www.facebook.com
4. facebook.com

Please type one of the facebook sites on your desktop browser, and then login using your facebook account. If you don't already have a facebook account, you can create a facebook account first.

Below is an example of how do i log into facebook via desktop:

Facebook Desktop Login

Please type the facebook sites on your browser or click Here

  • Email or Phone: type your email or phone number of your facebook account
  • Password: type your facebook password
  • After that, click Log In

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That's a guide how do I log into facebook desktop version. Hopefully, this post can help you.