Forgot Facebook Password | I Forgot My Facebook Password

How do I open a facebook account when forgot password?

In this post, I will discuss how to cope with forgotten facebook password may be among friends are having problems like this. Here I will explain in step by step how to open a facebook account when forgot the password.

Forgot facebook password is something that is common among facebook users, the cause certainly diverse, such as too much have a facebook account, too rarely open facebook, or possibly passwords in use too complex so it is difficult to remember.

A lot of people who don't know how to sign in facebook when forgot the password, it's been browsing here and there but didn't find the answer, and they finally decided to make a new facebook account.

Starting from scratch is certainly very tiring, for that, I will give you a guide how to open my facebook account when forgot the password that hopefully can help you.

You need to know : that in order to reset facebook password, you must have access to your email account. However, if you use a mobile phone number, make sure that your mobile number is still in a State of active.

If your mobile number is not active, then you will not be able to receive a code sent by facebook. that means you have to make a new facebook account here --> create a facebook account

Open Facebook When Forgot Password

Note : Here I reset my facebook password via the facebook site. If you are using a facebook app, perhaps the steps are not much different from what I described

1. Visit the Facebook login page at

2. Enter the email address or mobile phone number to your Facebook account (without password) --> click Log in

4. On view at the top, click Forgotten password?

5. On view at the top, click on Email me a link to reset my password, then click Continue

6. Next, enter the code sent by facebook to your email address.
--> open your email in new tab --> find messages from facebook --> then copy code (see images below)

7. After you successfully enter the code, then click Continue

8. Please create a new password of at least 6 character combination of letters and numbers. Then click Continue

9. After you successfully create your new password, it means the process of overcoming forgot password facebook already completed. and now you can already access your facebook account.

Note : save email address and password of your facebook account, so that later on you are not experiencing the same problem.

That's a guide how to troubleshoot forgot facebook password, hopefully this post can help you!

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