How To Delete a Twitter Account | Deactivate Twitter Permanently

How to delete a Twitter account ~ Remove a twitter account it's easy but a lot of people don't know how to do it. So in this post, I will share my experiences where previously I ever remove a twitter account belonging to me.

To deactivate a twitter account it takes time for 30 days to remove all information about you on twitter, whether it's profile, follower, Tweets and other information will be permanently deleted within the time specified.

If before the specified time you re logged into your twitter account. then the request to delete a twitter account will be canceled. But if not, then your request will be immediately processed.

Delete a twitter account can be done through mobile or PC. If it is mobile, then you must use the google chrome browser to be able to delete your account. But if on a PC. You can use any browser to be able to delete your account.

Below are the steps in deleting a twitter account. If you want to deactivate your twitter account, then you can follow the guide below.
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Delete a Twitter Account

Note: to remove a twitter account while this can only be done via the PC. So use your PC device to log into your twitter account

1. First, Log in to your twitter account

2. On Twitter's main page, click the Settings

3. In the account settings. Scroll down and find the feature to deactivate your account

4. Click Deactivate my account 

5. Click Deactivate. then retype your twitter password

6. Click Deactivate account to send request

After your request is received by the twitter. It will take as long as 30 days to remove all information about you on twitter.

When your account was successfully deleted. then you can create a twitter account again using the same email address.

That's the guide how to delete or deactivate a twitter account permanently. Hopefully, this post can help you.