Delete Instagram Account | How To Delete Your Instagram On Mobile

How to delete Instagram account?? Based on statistics in the year 2016, a lot of people who want to delete his Instagram account, this may happen because of the many emerging social networking application which features exceed the services Instagram so that people switch to using that application and then remove his Instagram account.

In deleting an Instagram account, two ways can be used include:

1. Delete Instagram account permanently

2. Delete an Instagram account temporarily

When you delete an Instagram account permanently, then the profile and all the things you ever share in the Instagram account will be lost permanently. You also won't be able to activate your account back after removal process approved.

Different if you delete Instagram account temporarily, profiles and all the things you ever share in the Instagram account will be gone a while. Anytime you can reactivate your account, simply login using your Instagram account that has been disabled.

For those of you who want to delete Instagram account temporarily, then you can read the Guide at → how to deactivate Instagram 

Then, can I delete my Instagram account via Instagram app??

The answer is it can't. But you can still remove your Instagram account through your mobile device. How do I??

Please follow the instruction as follows

Delete Instagram Account

1. First, please go to the Instagram website

2. Next, please log in to your Instagram account

3. If you want to log into your Instagram account with Facebook, click Sign Up, then click Login with Facebook

4. After you have successfully logged into your Instagram account, then please click the following link Remove Request Permanent

5. Next, please give reasons why you want to delete Instagram account

6. Next, Please Re-type your Instagram account password, and then click Permanently Delete my account

Below is a sample image that my Instagram account has been successfully deleted permanently

Note: If you want to make a new Instagram account, then you can read the Guide at → create Instagram account

You can still use your email address or Facebook account you've used before.

That's the guide how to delete your Instagram account permanently on mobile. Hopefully, this article can help you.