Change Gmail Password | How To Change My Gmail Password

How to change Gmail password ~ Change email passwords is a thing that should be done by the user's emails, especially if that email is crucial and is privacy. A lot of people who want to change the password of email but they don't know how to change the password of their account because in the Gmail application is not available the feature to change the password.

And then, how do I change my Gmail password?

Though on Gmail application is not available the feature to change the password, but you need not worry because Google already provides services to change the password.

Before I proceed to the how to change Gmail password, you might need to know what are the things that should be avoided when changing the password.

If the email account is crucial to you, then below are the tips that you should avoid.

1. don't use your name as your password.

2. don't use your date of birth as your password

3. do not use your email address as your password

Tips make the correct password:

1. use a combination of letters and numbers as your password

example : 4merik421, 1nd0nesi4, 3nggl1sh

2. use a combination with uppercase as password

Example: UnitedStates, INdonesia, EnglisH

That's a few tips to make the correct password.
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Next, for those of you who want to change the Gmail password, then you can follow the steps below

How To Change Gmail Password

1. Please go to the password change page ➝ googlepasswordchange

2. Next, click Continue to sign in, and the display will appear the following

3. Next, please enter your email address, then click Next

4. Next, please enter your Gmail password, then click Sign in

5. Next, repeat types your Gmail password, then click Sign in

6. On display above, please enter your new password in the New password column, and then confirm your password in the Confirm new password column. After that, click Change Password

That's a guide how to change Gmail account password. Hopefully, this article can help you.