Facebook Updates For Android | How To Update Facebook App To New Version

Facebook Updates For Android ~ This time I will share the link download the Facebook app (latest version) where this time I will post complete with how to update a facebook app for android. For those of you who are still using the old version of the Facebook application, then you can update your Facebook app to the latest version because in the latest version, now all the features Facebook has perfected.

But you need to know after you update your Facebook application, then you will be prompted to log in again, for that, you can read the guide how to login Facebook app --> facebook login mobile

In addition, after you update your Facebook application, then file size will increase, and it is not known how many file sizes increase, perhaps only a few MB only.

Update Facebook App

To upgrade the Facebook app is very easy, simply download the latest version of the Facebook application, then automatically all the features will be in the update as a whole.

But there are also other means, namely updating via a Facebook app. Well, below is a guide how to update facebook app for android to the latest version, please follow the steps

How To Upgrade Facebook App

1. Please open the Facebook app on your mobile phone

2. Click the menu in the upper right (see image below)

3. Next, click Update Facebook

4. Next, click on Upgrade My App and then wait until the upgrade process is complete.

If you want a more simple way, then you can directly download the facebook application for android at facebook for android --> Download (latest version)

Download Info:

Facebook applications that have been upgraded will not be reverted to the old version unless you delete a Facebook application on your mobile phone and download the old version of the Facebook app

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