Facebook Messenger App Download - FB Messenger Free For Android

Facebook Messenger Download  ~ Facebook messenger is an instant messaging application that integrates with Facebook; this application has a very important role to Facebook users.

If in mobile, messenger apps will appear automatically when someone sends chat messages to your Facebook account. Different if in the PC, when someone sends a message or calls you, then you should open the messenger app first.

Facebook Messenger app, in addition to can be used to send chat to all Facebook users, messenger applications can also be used to change the SMS feature on your mobile phone. You can use Messenger application to send the SMS even though the destination user does not install the same application.

With the messenger application installed on your phone, now you do not need to access the site facebook just to chat, only open the app messenger then you can already send messages, do voice or video calls to all your Facebook friends.

Messenger Features:

1. Group: create a group chat for people who most often you send the message. Name the group photo, organize, and store it in one place.

2. Photos and videos: record video and take photos of a selfie or other photos directly from the application, and send it with a single tap.

3. Chat head let the conversation continue to run while you use other applications.

4. Free calls: Talk all you want, even with friends in other countries. Free calls via Wi-Fi. If not, it will be the standard data charges apply.
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Facebook Messenger Free Download 

Messenger App For Android → DOWNLOAD NOW

How To Open Messenger:

After you have finished downloading the messenger app for Android, please follow how to unlock or log into messenger application below

1. Please open the messenger app on your Android

2. Please login to your Facebook account and then click Continue. (But if you don't have a facebook account, then you can make it  → create new facebook account)

3. On the next display, click Turn On or Not Now

4. Next, please enter your mobile phone number or click Not Now

5. On the next display, please click OK

6. On the next screen, please click Continue, then you've successfully logged into messenger.

That's the information about the Facebook messenger app for Android and how to login to messenger application.

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