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Facebook App Download (Latest Version) ~ Hello ... In posting this time, I will share the link download the new version of the Facebook application for all mobile, be it for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java/jar and Windows Phone. The current Facebook app is very needed by mobile users; this can be seen from the number of downloads of Facebook applications that reach hundreds of millions.

By having a very large download, this makes Facebook did not cease to innovate against the application of his creation so that the application now has a full-featured and has been available for all operating systems.

Download the Facebook application for mobile, by using a Facebook application, users can now access Facebook quickly, notification can be seen from anywhere, even photos of selfie can upload quickly.

Facebook Apps Features

Facebook mobile apps initially only had limited features, but as the updates are done by Facebook, now Facebook applications have been present with a broad range of comprehensive features, where the user can edit the profile picture and the cover by adding emoticons, Text, and gives color effects.

How To Download

To be able to have the Facebook application on your mobile phone, below I will give you the download link Facebook applications for all mobile operating systems, so you can choose the one that fits your mobile device.

Facebook For Android → Download

Facebook For Blackberry → Download

Facebook For iPhone → Download

Facebook For Java/jar → Download

Facebook For Windows Phone → Download
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Do you need a Facebook app super fast?

If you need a lightweight version of Facebook and super fast, then you can try the application lite facebook below.

The Facebook version uses fewer data and can be used in all network conditions
  • The file size is much smaller so more rapidly in their use
  • Load a Facebook page and upload photos can quickly
  • Use the data in fewer, more efficient and cost-effective
  • Can be used on all networks
  • Can be used on all Android phones

Hundreds of millions of people in the world have been using Facebook application lite version, if you are interested, then you can try this application by way of download it via the download link I've provided.

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