Gmail Account Login | How To Login To Google Account

How To Login To Gmail Account ~ Login to Google account is a thing that is relatively easy to do, especially if users have been using Gmail for a long time. But for a beginner, of course, this confusing for them, so it is here I will share the guide how to open a Gmail account and how to use it

Tutorial login to Gmail account in this post I will explain in detail, ranging from how to login in the email, how to send email, and how to log out of Gmail account.  So you don't get confused when successfully sign in to Gmail but don't understand how to use it.

As I've said before, that the process of login to Gmail account was easy enough, well, that is hard is to open a Gmail account forgot password, however, you need not worry because here I have a guide how to reset Gmail password when forgot password, please read the tutorial at → forgot Gmail password

For those of you who would like to sign in to your Google account, then here is a step that you can follow

How To Open Gmail Account

1. First, please go to the login page of Gmail --> Here

2. Then, click Sign In in the upper right (see image below)

3. After that, please enter your email address and your Gmail password. (follow the example below)

On display above, please enter your email address --> then click Next, if you don't have a Gmail address, please do registration first at → create Gmail account

On display above, please enter the password to your Gmail account--> then click Sign in

After you successfully sign in email, please follow the email guidelines below:

How To Send An Email: 

On the Gmail page, click on Compose, then opens the page in the bottom

  • Column To: Please enter the destination email address
  • Column Subject: contents by title submissions
  • Next column: Please write what you want to say, you can also insert a file that you have previously set up, using click Attach Files that have been marked in red

After you successfully send the email and already finished using your Gmail account, now's the time you sign out of Gmail.

How To Sign Out Of Gmail:

Please click your profile in the top right, and then click Sign Out, then you have successfully sign out of your Google account. (see images bellow)

That's the guide how to open a Gmail email and how to use it, hopefully useful!