Delete Gmail Account | How To Delete a Google Account Permanently

How to delete a Gmail account ~ Have an email account, whether Gmail or yahoo may have already become a must for any internet user, as seen from its function, email can be a major facility in doing everything related to the internet. But often many users who want to remove their email account for a reason

In the process of deleting a Gmail account is actually not so difficult because google developers have provided a service whereby users can deactivate their google account permanently. But you need to know that once you have managed to delete your account, all the activities that you have ever made on the account will be lost permanently including the related google products on your account.

In addition, by removing your email address, then automatically you will lose access to or ownership in some social media accounts associated with the email, so before you decide to delete your email account, then I suggest changing all accounts you have with different email addresses.

Are you sure you want to delete your Gmail account?

If you are sure you want to disable your google account, then here is a step by step how to permanently delete your google account
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How To Delete A Gmail Account

1. First, please go to your account preferences page

2. next, click Sign In on the delete account or service

3. Next, you will be asked to log into your google account you want to delete

4. On the account preferences page, click Delete Google Account and Data

5. If you are sure want to delete your account, please give the check "Yes, I want to permanently delete this Google Account it's data" (see the picture above) and then click Delete your Account, then you have managed to delete your Gmail account.

That's the guide how to delete Gmail account permanently, hopefully this article can help you.

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