Facebook Create Account | How To Make a Facebook Account On Mobile

How To Create Facebook Account ~ On this occasion I will share guide how do I create an FB account via PC or mobile phone. For those of you who have yet to understand how his pace, then this article will certainly be very helpful to you.

Create a Facebook account it's free; the process is also easy to understand. In this article, I will share how to create a Facebook account using email, but if you want to create an FB account using your mobile number, then you can replace the email address with your mobile number.

Have you heard of facebook mobile?

Facebook Mobile (mobile Facebook) is a Facebook site for mobile, whether it's a Nokia, Android, Blackberry, or iPhone. On this site, all users of cell phones could make a facebook account without having to download the Facebook app, simply by visiting the Facebook mobile site then fill out the needed information.

Not just mobile, the Facebook mobile site also can be accessed via a PC/laptop. So, if you are using a PC, then you can also follow guide how to sign up for Facebook here.

Below are the steps how to create a Facebook account via Facebook mobile:

Note: because here I am using email, then you can create an email in advance in Gmail --> create Gmail account or Yahoo --> create yahoo account

Create Facebook Account Via Mobile Phone, iPhone, Or PC

1. Please visit the sign-up page for facebook mobile

2. Click Create New Account, and the following display will appear

3. On display above, please enter the required information in the following way:
  • First name: enter your first name
  • Surname: enter your last name
  • Phone or email address: enter your email address
  • Gender: Select your gender
  • Birthday: Enter the date, month, and year of your birth
  • New password: make your password at least six characters long combination of letters and numbers
  • After that: click Sign Up

4. Next, enter the 5-digit code sent by facebook to your email address.

Guide: open the email in a new Tab or click Log into Google --> search messages from Facebook --> copy code (see image below)

5. After the code in the Insert, click Confirm

6. The next step, you can add your mobile number or if not, click Next, then you will be on point to facebook's home page

Additional Info: If you are not satisfied with the service of Facebook mobile, then you can login to the site www.facebook.com or login to facebook app using the email and password of your facebook account

That's a guide how to make a facebook account via all mobile devices, Hopefully useful!

Source: www.howtocreateaaccount.com