Create A Facebook Page / How To Make Facebook Fan Page

How to create Facebook Fan Page ~ The Facebook page is the special features provided by facebook for those who have a lot of fans on facebook, such as artists, State officials, company profile and much more.

But now facebook page is widely used by the online business for profit, this is because facebook page could be a means to promote a brand or product on the market.

In the process of making a facebook fan page is actually nothing difficult, difficult it is to find the number of likes or someone who loves our page. but you don't need to worry because there are many ways that can be used to get a lot of love on facebook. one of them is by way of share your unique works on the fan page, you could make it in the form of videos, photos, paintings or in a tutorial article.

To be able to create the exact facebook page you must have a facebook account in advance, this is because facebook page can only be made when we are already logged into facebook.

So for those of you who don't already have a facebook account, then you can make it ahead of time, you can make it through the facebook site or can make it made a facebook account

Once you have a facebook account, please follow the step by step creates a facebook fan page here :

How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

1. First, please open your facebook account

2. On the Facebook home page, click the menu in the upper right (see image below)

create facebook page

3. Please click on the Create Page, then it will appear the following display

4. Please select the one you want to make your Fan Page, here I will make a Fan Page Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Select a category : Please select the category your fan page
  • Next : Please make title fan page, then click Get Started
create facebook page

5. On the display above, please fill in the required columns
  • first column : fill the title fan page
  • next column : fill with your website URL
  • next column : create a URL to your fanpage
  • After that click Save Info

6. On the display above, please enter your fanpage profile picture or click Skip to skip this step

7. On the display above, please click the Add to Favourites or click Skip

8. On the display above, please enter your fanpage information, then click Save

9. The display above indicates that your new fan page has been completed, you can now add your profile photo or cover fan page.

That's a guide how to make a fan page on Facebook, hopefully, this article can help you all.