Change Facebook Password | How To Change Password On Facebook

How to change facebook password in this article I will explain in full, where I will be sharing a tutorial how to change facebook account password through Facebook app and PC.

Change the Facebook password is a must if the Facebook account ever encountered a suspicious case. Also, changing your password is also one of the easiest ways to secure an account from things that are not desirable.

You need to know: that the current Facebook account theft often occurs, this happens because passwords made too easy to guess by another user. So, before I give the method of how to change a Facebook password, there are a few things you need to consider before you create a new password, and here are some tips for making your password.

1. Create a password of at least eight-character combination of letters and numbers
2. Create a password that is easy to remember, but hard to emulate
3. Do not use the name or date of birth as your password

That's some tips on making passwords, where these tips aim always to secure your account from things that are not desirable.
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To change your Facebook password, please follow the instruction as follows:

How To Change Facebook Password

Change Facebook Password Via PC:

1. Please open the settings on your Facebook account (see image below)

2. In the General Settings section, click edit password (see image below)

3. After that, please change your Facebook password.

  • Current: enter your old password
  • New: create new password
  • Retype new: Retype your new password
  • Click Save Changes

Change Facebook Password On Facebook App:

1. Please open the settings on your Facebook account (see image below)

2. Next, click Account Settings

3. Next, click Password

4. Please change your Facebook password:
  • Current password: enter your old password
  • New password: create new password
  • Re-type new password: Retype your new password
  • click Change Password

Congratulations, now you already know how to change the facebook password

That's a guide how to change facebook account password. Hopefully, this article can help you.