How To Create Youtube Account & Upload Video To Youtube

How To Create Youtube Account ~ YouTube is an online media that is specifically used as storage of video files with different types of formats. YouTube also became one of the audio-visual media that is very popular today.

By creating an account as a member of YouTuber of course we will have a chance to publishing the video works of our own, in fact, many people who became famous by uploading their video to youtube.

Technically, the process of creating a youtube account is easy, simply by having a gmail address (google account) you can already have a youtube account.

But, not only that I will explain in this post, how to upload video to youtube as well I will explain in detail, so that later on you don't feel difficulty in publishing your videos to youtube.

How To Create Youtube Account

Note : Because creating an account youtube need a gmail address, then you can create a gmail account first.

1. First, please go to the youtube website through the following link

2. Next, click the Sign In which it is located on the top (see picture below)

3. Next, enter your gmail address and password of your gmail account.

At this stage of the process of creating a youtube account already finished, now we move on to how to upload video to youtube :

How To Upload Video To Youtube

1. First, click on the Upload that is located at the top, then you will be asked to make the following youtube channel

2. Next, click Create Channel, the following display will appear

3. Please select the video file you want to upload to youtube

4. Next, please wait for upload process is complete. Maybe it will take a long time depending on the size of the video file and your internet connection

5. After the upload process is complete, click Publish, then you have successfully uploaded your video to youtube.

That's a guide how to make a youtube account and how to upload video to youtube. Hopefully Useful!

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