Upload Video To Facebook / How To Post Video On Facebook

How To Upload Video On Facebook - Share your video to facebook is one of the facebook's activity are fairly easy to do, but for new members may not yet they understand, so here I'll share a guide that can hopefully help you all.

Post your video to Facebook is one of the things that is also fun, especially if the video was our own work then get a lot of viewers and like. It will also make us to be popular on Facebook

On Facebook, there are various ways that can be used to find the number of like and viwers, one of them is with the way your unique videos uploaded to facebook, then tag some of Your fb friends. When they liked your videos, then automatically they will share your video back.

In the process of uploading video to Facebook, of course you have to prepare a video first, but if you have no video, then you can share YouTube videos to your Facebook account.

Well, for those of you who have video and want to mobilize immediately upload your videos to facebook, either through the facebook home page, your profile page, facebook page or group here is step by step that you can follow :

How To Upload Video To Facebook

1. First, please log into your facebook account, if you don't have a facebook account please make on create a facebook account

2. On the facebook home page, please click the photo/video in the status section (see picture below)

3. Next, please locate the video you want to upload, and then click open

4. Please wait until the upload process is complete, it will take quite a long time, depending on the size of the video and your internet connection. You can also say something on your submissions (if required)

5. After the upload is complete, please click the Post, then you have successfully uploaded a video to your facebook account.

That's a guide how to add video to facebook, hopefully this tutorial can help you all