How To Sign Out Of Gmail | Logout From Gmail App & PC

How to log out of Gmail (Google Account)?

Sign out or logout from the gmail account is indeed quite confusing, especially if we use the Gmail app on android or iOs because the logout menu is not available on the gmail application. As a result, many users feel that to get out of gmail by simply closing the application only when in fact it was wrong.

Different if we open the gmail via PC, we can bring up the menu's "Sign out" or "logout" gmail, just by clicking on the profile, then the menu sign out will we can access. But unfortunately this is not the way we can do on Gmail applications, anywhere from the rest of the menu available on the gmail application, you will not be able to find the logout menu, and this is not the error but a Google party did not give the logout menu in gmail applications.

Then, how do I sign out of gmail accounts?

Well, for those of you who want to get out of your google account, but do not understand how, here I will give you 2 ways that you can use to help you out of your account either via PC or via gmail application. Please follow the steps :

How To Sign Out Of Gmail

How to sign out Gmail via PC :

Please click your profile at the top right, and then click Sign Out, then you've gotten out of your google account (see images below)

How to sign out of the Gmail App :

Note : In this tutorial, I am using Asus mobile. For other types of mobile phones may be the trick is not much different

1. First, please open the settings in your mobile phone

2. Next, locate and click the Google menu (see images below)

3. Next, click the email address that you want to remove (see images below)

4. Next, click the little point at the top right to bring up the menu "Remove Account" (see images below)

Conclusion : That's the only way that can be used to Log out of the Gmail application.
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That guide how do I sign out of Gmail account, hopefully, this guide can help you all.