How To Send File Via Email Using Gmail Account

How to send email? In the posting I ever publish before, I've discussed how to send an email in gmail, if you ever read this article surely you will not feel any difficulty in sending an email.

Well, through this article I will explain again how the steps how to send email using gmail account. But before that, here I will give an explanation in advance any file that you can send via email.

1. via email, we can send a text message by way of typing directly, or insert a file that has been previously prepared

2. via email, we can send your image files with large size

3. via email, we can send you the file video, audio, and applications. We can paste the file from the memory or retrieve it from the google drive

Okay. for those of you who do not understand how to send emails, then below are the steps that you can follow:

How to send email via PC and Gmail App

Send email via PC :

1. First, please log into your gmail account (If you don't have a gmail account, please create in the create gmail account)

2. After you have successfully signed in to your google account, then please follow how to send email below

On the gmail page, click on Compose and then opens the page in the bottom

  • In a column TO : fill in the destination email address
  • Subject : contents of title submissions
  • In the next column : Please write what you want to say, you can also insert the file you prepare by clicking Attach Files that have been marked in red
  • After that, please click Send to send your email

3. After you successfully send email, You can check the email that you have sent in the Sent Mail menu, there you can find out if the email has been sent or failed. (If this fails, then you can resend again)

Send email via Gmail App :

1. First, please open the gmail application on your mobile phone

2. Next, click on Compose in the top right (see images below)

  • In a column TO : fill in the destination email address
  • Subject : contents of title submissions
  • Compose email : Please type what you want to say in your submission (You can also insert images, video, or file you prepare (see images below)

3. Once the email is ready to send, please click the button Send the top.

Well, that's the 2 Guide how to send email using gmail account. Hopefully Useful!