How To Logout Of Messenger | Sign Out From Facebook Messenger

How to log out of Messenger? There are several reasons that make us want to get out of the messenger. One of them, because the reasons are busy at work, so we can not reply to chat sent by friends. In fact, there's a friend of mine who is a direct turn off his mobile phone with the reason can not log out of the messenger.

Messenger we use for this is one of the applications of communication belong to Facebook, Various advanced features have been fitted in it so as to make the application much used by smartphone users.

But unfortunately in the facebook messenger not available the sign-out button as a facebook application in General. as a result, many mobile users instantly delete a messenger app from their mobile phone.

And then, how do I sign out from messenger? 

For those of you who wish to log out from messenger application, so here I will provide the steps that you can follow :

How To Log Out Of Messenger

Note : here I use an android device, if you use a blackberry or iPhone, probably not much different from the way the guide below

1. First, please open the settings menu on your mobile phone

2. On the settings page, locate and click on the Apps menu (see image below)

3. Next, please locate and click messenger that is located in the Downloaded tab (see image below)

4. Next, please click Clear data (see image below)

Note : by making clear the data then automatically you will get out of messenger applications. This is one of the easiest ways to get out of messenger applications.
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That's the guide how to log out of messenger app that I can pass on, hopefully, this article can help you all.