Delete Facebook Account | How To Delete My Facebook Account Permanently

How do I delete my Facebook Account? Deleting a facebook account is a thing that is easy to do, but it will be difficult if not read the instruction first. Well, for those of you who do not yet know how to delete a facebook account, so in this post I'll share a guide that hopefully can help you all

There are many reasons why someone wants to remove or block FB account, one of them is due to be distracted or maybe a facebook account is not required, then delete the facebook account can be the right solution for them

In deleting a facebook account, there are 2 ways that you can use are: permanently delete and remove while. If permanent, then the facebook account has been deleted, we will not be able to use again.

But if you only deactivate facebook account, then anytime you can activate your account again, simply by logging in using your email and password. Your profile and your information will be restored in its entirety.

When you want to delete your account, it will take 90 days to remove all the things that once you share on facebooks, such as photos, videos, status, or other data will be permanently deleted, You will not be able to use that account again after the removal process is accepted

And then, how do I delete my facebook account?

For those of you who want to delete the facebook account, then below are the steps that you can follow 

Delete Facebook Account 

1. First, please go to the following link

2. Next, you will be asked to sign into your facebook account you wish to delete

3. After you have successfully signed in to your facebook account, then account deletion option will appear (see image below)

4. If you are sure you want to delete your facebook account, then please click the Delete my account  ➝ then you will be prompted to re-enter your account password. After that, please provide answers to the questions were given by facebook

5. After you answer the question correctly, and then click OK to continue to the next stage

6. The last step will appear a notification like an example image above, where your account is permanently deleted within 14 days. When you log in to facebook using the account before the specified time, then you will be given a choice whether you want to delete or frustrate removal.

That's the process of how to delete a facebook account permanently, hopefully this article can help you.

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