Create Yahoo Account | How To Create a Yahoo Account Free

Yahoo Mail Create Account ~ In the world of internet, email function is indeed very important to facilitate various Affairs related to the internet, such as receiving and sending files over the internet or create an account on the social Web.

Create an email account, either on yahoo or Gmail, is the right choice if you want to interact on social networking because email addresses can be a primary capital to create an account on social media

Currently, the free email service has been widely available, but only a few emails that are popular and widely used by internet users, one is yahoo mail

In the process of creating a yahoo email is quite easy to do, you just need to visit the yahoo registration page then fill out your personal information in the column that has been provided, and if the information you entered is accepted, then your email account is ready to use

But, if it still makes you confused, so here I will give you the steps how to create a yahoo mail account that you can follow

Create Yahoo Mail Account

1. First, please go to the sign-up page yahoo Here

2. The page will look like the look below

3. If you do not know how to fill out your info, so here's an example that you can follow :
  • First name : enter your first name
  • Last name : enter your last name
  • Email address : enter your full name (without spaces) or select the alternative name
  • Password : Please create a new password as per your liking, at least 8 characters (you can use letters or numbers)
  • Mobile phone number : enter your mobile number
  • Birth month : select the month of your birth --> Day : select your birthday --> Year : select the year of your birth
  • Gender (optional) : select your gender
  • After that, please click Continue to proceed to the next step
4. in the next step you will be asked to verify your mobile number as the following overview

5. On view at the top, please click Text me an Account Key

6. In the next step, please enter the code that has been sent by Yahoo to your mobile number. then click Verify, then you have successfully created a yahoo mail account.
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After you have successfully created a yahoo account, you can now learn how to sign in yahoo, send emails and how to Logout of yahoo mail. The following are the steps how to use yahoo email that you can follow

How To Use Yahoo Email

How To Sign in from Yahoo Mail :

1. First, please go to the yahoo login page at

2. Next, please enter your email address and password of your yahoo account

3. After you successfully sign in to yahoo page, Please click on Mail at the top right

4. After being on the email page, Please click on Compose then it will open a new look like the example shown below

  • In a column To : fill in the destination email address
  • In the column Title : enter the title of the posts
  • Next : you can write or paste the file you prepare
  • When you are finished, please click the Send then you've successfully sent email

How To Logout from Yahoo Mail :

Please slide the cursor or the mouse towards the top right side of your profile, and then click Sign Out. Now you have successfully sign out of the yahoo account

That's the information about the yahoo mail, along with how to create a yahoo account, hopefully, this article can help you.