Whatsapp Create an Account | How To Create Whatsapp Account

Create WhatsApp Account ~ Whatsapp messenger or usually called (WA) is one of the communications apps that comes with a variety of interesting features in it. This app is known as favorite applications in mobile devices; This is because the Whatsapp app has a simple menu display, so it's easy to use

In the process of creating a Whatsapp account, we don't need to enter an email address as well as creating a social networking account, simply by entering a mobile number that is still active, then your WhatsApp account could have been used.

In this article, I will give you a tutorial how to make WhatsApp Messenger account on android, well, if you use the iPhone or Blackberry, you can still follow this guide, because it is essentially the process of registering WhatsApp is not much different

For those of you who have yet to understand how to create Whatsapp account, here are the steps that you follow:

Create Whatsapp Account

1. First, you can download Whatsapp messenger

2. After download is complete, install WhatsApp app as usual, then open the application (see image below)

3. On the main page WhatsApp, please enter your mobile number in the Phone Number column

4. On display above, please click OK to continue

5. The next step, please enter the code sent by WhatsApp to your mobile number

6. In the next step, please click Skip to continue

7. The last step. Please enter your photo, click Photo icons --> Next, create the username --> Then click Next, you can already use WhatsApp application

That's the guide how to create a WhatsApp messenger account on android. Hopefully, this article can help you.

Source: www.howtocreateaaccount.com