How To Create Paypal Account | How To Make Paypal Account Free

How to create a Paypal account ~ PayPal is one of the online payment tool most used by internet users, because PayPal is the most secure transaction tool and easy to use. By having a PayPal account we can conduct transactions or purchase goods online, PayPal can also be used to make sending money to PayPal account owners all over the world.

For those of you who are in need of your PayPal account, either to purchase goods, games or applications, here I want to share my experiences where previously I have to make a Paypal account a few times, so here I can explain it in detail so that you can have your PayPal account.

In the process of creating a PayPal account, you will be prompted to enter a valid email address; it aims to verify your PayPal account via email. Well for those of you who don't have email then you can make the email first, or you can make it in the create Gmail account

Create a Paypal Account

1. First, please open the PayPal sign-up page Here

make paypal account

2. For the charging process easier, please follow the following example:
  • United Kingdom: Please select your country
  • Next: Enter your email address
  • Next: make your password, minimum eight characters
  • Next: confirm your password
  • Next: Please enter the letters or numbers that are listed in the column, and then click Continue

3. The next stage, please fill in the columns above with your personal information, and below is an example of how to fill it
  • First name: enter your first name
  • last name: enter your last name
  • Date of Birth: Enter the day, month and year of your birth
  • Nationality: select your country
  • National ID: enter the number of your identity
  • Address line 1: fill in the address where you live
  • Apt/Suite: you can empty this section
  • City/Country: enter the city where you live
  • State: Enter the area where you live
  • Postal code: enter the code of your residence
  • Phone number: enter your mobile number
  • Next: Please click the checkbox that you have approved the regulations of PayPal
  • Next: Click Agree and Create Account

4. On view at the top, You can get through this stage using click or you  I'll do it later can also enter your credit card number (can use master card or VCC)

5. The next stage you've managed to setup a PayPal account, but it is recommended to verify the email address first. For that, please click Go to your account section below

6. On your account page, please select the Confirm email address → then open your email address in a new Tab → after you successfully log into email, please search for messages posted by a PayPal account verification link, then click on that link. Now your PayPal account has been successful in the confirmation

7. If you do not enter a credit card number, then at this stage you can also do this by clicking Link a card

Then select the type of your card → enter number and date of expiration → click Save

Congratulations your PayPal account is now ready to be used to receive or make payments online.

That information, along with a tutorial how to create a PayPal account, hopefully, this post can help you.