Create Instagram Account | How To Create an Instagram Account

Create Instagram account on android device is actually not so difficult we do, but it will be difficult if not read the guide in advance, So, for those of you who don't understand how to make Instagram account, then through this article I will share a tutorial which hopefully can help you all

To create an Instagram account, actually not just android devices can be used, You can also create an Instagram account using another device, like PC or iPhone. There are two ways that can be used to create an Instagram account, i.e. make using your email address and make using facebook account.

In this post, we will use your email address as a condition for registering, but here you can still use your facebook account, because basically, the steps create an Instagram account just the same.

The Instagram we know as long as this is not just a photo sharing application, Instagram also has another function where users can manage photos, edit photos, giving the effect of a filter on a photo, and then on the share to a range of social networking.

In the process of creating an Instagram account is actually very practical, we simply have an email account or facebook account, then we can already enjoy Instagram

Well, for those of you who have yet to understand about how to create a facebook account, then here are the steps that you can follow

Create Instagram Account

1. First, you open the facebook application like the following example

2. On view at the top, you can sign up using your facebook account by clicking Log in with Facebook, and then follow the instructions given. Here I used the email address so please click Sign up with an email or phone number

3. On the display above, please click the Email, then enter your email address in the email column then click Next

4. In the Full name: Please enter your full name --> Password: Please make your password at least eight characters

5. On the display above, please create a Username (without space) then click Next

6. The next step you can connect your Instagram account to facebook, by clicking Connect to Facebook, but if it doesn't please click the Skip

7. The next stage you can follow friends who have used Instagram, but if it doesn't please click Next in the upper right.

8. Next, you will be on point towards the Instagram page, it means that the process of creating an Instagram account has been completed, now you can already add photos or videos to your account.

That's the Guide make an Instagram account that I can pass on, hopefully, this post can help you.