Hotmail Create Account | How To Create A Hotmail Account Free

Create a Hotmail Account - Hello, this time I will share a guide how to make Hotmail email, This article I will equip it with how to use Hotmail, like how to sign in to Hotmail, how to send email in Hotmail and how to sign out of Hotmail accounts.

Discuss the Hotmail email, Hotmail may still be foreign words for us, In contrast to yahoo mail and Gmail which is indeed popular among email users, even one user can have more than 1 account Gmail or yahoo. but basically, the function of the email service is not much different.

One of the advantages of Hotmail as compared to other email is: Hotmail has a higher security level by having facilities VPE (Protected Virus E-mail) are working with McAfee Security Service for MSN which consists of Online Virus Scan personal Firewall and privacy services to improve the system.

In the process of creating an account Hotmail, not at all a lot different from creating an email on Google or Yahoo, all you need is to have an active mobile number as your Hotmail account ownership verification.

Well, for those of you who do not understand how to register with a Hotmail, here are the steps that you can follow
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Create An Hotmail Account

1. First, please go to the Hotmail sign up page via the following link

2. On the Hotmail sign up page, please enter your personal information in the following way :
  • First name : enter your first name
  • Last name : enter your last name
  • Username : enter your full name "without spaces" (this will be your email address)
  • Password : create a password as you want at least 8 character combination of letters and numbers
  • Re-enter password : retype password
  • Country/region : please select your country
  • Birthdate : please select the Month, Day, and Year of your birth
  • Gender : please select your gender
  • Country code : select your country code
  • Phone number : enter your mobile number
  • Alternate email address : you can skip this column
  • Enter the characters you see : type what you see in the column (see image below)

After all filled in correctly, please click Create Account

3. Next, you will be brought to your profile page, it means that the Hotmail registration process has been completed. Now you can use your account to send mail or perform registration on social networking.

Next, how do I sign into Hotmail?

Below is how to sign in to Hotmail, send email, and how to sign out of Hotmail, please follow these steps :

How To Sign in Hotmail :

1. First, please go to the Hotmail sign in page Here

2. Next, please click sign in --> then enter your email address and your Hotmail password, you will be at the point on the profile page (see image below)

How To Send Email On Hotmail :

Please click view inbox on the left --> then opens a new Tab like the following display

On view at the top, click New, and then opens the menu to send email (see picture below)

  • Columns To : fill in the destination email address
  • Add a Subject : contents of title submissions
  • Next column : Please write what you want to say in your submission. (you can also insert a file which you have to prepare your way to click Attach)
  • Click Send if your message is ready to be sent

How To Logout Of Hotmail :

Click your profile in the top left, and then click Sign out to get out of your Hotmail account.

That's a guide how to create an Hotmail account, hopefully this article can help you.

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