Create a Gmail Account | How To Create Google Account Free

Create a Gmail Account (Google Account) ~ In this post, I will share with you how to create a Google account and how to use Gmail email. like how to login email, how to send email on Gmail, and how to sign out of Gmail account.

In the process of creating Gmail account, in this post deliberately I complete with how to use it, so you don't get confused when already have a google account but don't understand how to use it.  Here I'll share a guide that hopefully can help you.

In the information age and the current technologies, email functions are very important, if everyone will first provide information through the post office, but now can be done via email which is much more easy, fast and efficient.

In fact, the current email is not just to send the information, but also has expanded its functions with the features of the chat, transmit video and so on.

Then, how to create a Gmail account?

Before you begin to interact in social networks, creating a Gmail account should be prioritized, because have the email account is the primary capital to create an account on social networks

Well, for those of you who want to make a Gmail account, but do not understand how? below are the steps that can be followed

Create A Gmail Account

1. First, please open the Gmail Sign Up page via The following link

2. After That, please enter your personal information (scroll down)

Please follow the examples below :
  • Name : enter your first name and your last name
  • Choose your username : enter your full name without spaces (this will be your email address later)
  • Create a password : create a password as you want at least 8 character combination of letters and numbers
  • Confirm your password : please retype your password
  • Birthday : enter the day, month, and year of your birth
  • Gender : please select your gender
  • Mobile phone : please enter your mobile number
  • Your current email address : you can empty this column
  • Location : please select your country of residence

4. After all filled out correctly, please click Next Step to continue to the Next step

5. After being on display like the one above, please scroll to the bottom and click I Agree to proceed with the Next step

6. If in the next step you are asked to verify your mobile number, please re-enter your mobile number, then enter the code That you have received via a message

7. The picture above shows that the process of making email Gmail already finished, now you're able to sign in to your google account, to start learning to send email
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After you successfully create a Gmail account, you can now learn how to sign in to Gmail, send email, and how to sign out Gmail. Below are the steps how to use basic email that you can follow

How To Use Gmail Email

How to sign in Gmail account :

1. First, please type in the browser you are using

2. After the page is open, please click Sign In in the upper right

3. Next, please enter your email address and password of your Gmail account into a field that is already available

4. Once you have successfully signed in to your Gmail account, then please follow the guide how to send an email below

How to send email :

On the Gmail page, click on Compose and then opens the page in the bottom

  • In a column To: fill in the destination email address
  • Subject: contents of title submissions
  • In the next column: Please write what you want to say, you can also insert the file you prepare by clicking Attach Files that have been marked in red

Once you understand how to send emails, now's the time you sign out of your Gmail account, do I as follows :

How to log out of Gmail :

Please click your profile at the top right, and then click Sign Out, then you've gotten out of your google account

That is the information on how to create a Gmail account and how to use the Gmail account. Hopefully useful.

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