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How To Create Email Account Or Create Gmail Account ~ For some people, the email address may already no stranger to them. But for starters, surely the word email is still very foreigner they hear, so they don't understand what it means and what email function.

Well for those of you who would like to create a new email account, then in this post I will explain first what does email and what are the functions of email.

Email (electronic mail) is one of the internet's most widely used in receiving and sending files via the web. Email is also a communication tool that is cheap, fast, and efficient.

Using email allows us to send messages, files, documents or data to the rest of the world in a very quick time.  

Email function:

1. email can become a medium of communication that is done in private or public
2. email can be used to send or receive files with large size via the internet
3. email can become a media promotion
4. email can become a media information
5. email can be used to create a blog or website
6. email can be used to create your account on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking

After learning the meanings and functions of email now is the time heading into the process of creating an email account.

There are lots of great sites of the world that provide email service free of charge, but in this post, we'll be using Google services. Later the email address we will make is

OK for those of you who do not yet know how to make a Gmail email, then here are the steps that you can follow

Create Email Address

1. First, please open The Gmail sign-up page via The following link

2. After That, please enter your personal information (scroll down)

Please follow the examples below:
  • Name: enter your first name and your last name
  • Choose your username: enter your full name without spaces (this will be your email address later)
  • Create a password: create a password as you want at least eight-character combination of letters and numbers
  • Confirm your password: Please retype your password
  • Birthday: Enter the day, month and year of your birth
  • Gender: Please select your gender
  • Mobile Phone: Please enter your mobile number
  • Your current email address: you can empty this column
  • Location: Please select your country of residence

4. After all filled out correctly, please click Next Step to continue

5. After being on display like the one above, please scroll to the bottom and click I Agree to proceed with the Next Step

6. If in the next step you are asked to verify your mobile number, please re-enter your mobile number, then enter the code That you have received via a message

7. The picture above shows that the process of making email Gmail already finished, now you're able to sign in to your Google account.
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That is the information on how to create an email account. Hopefully, this tutorial can help you!