Forgot Gmail Password | How To Open Gmail Forgot Password

How do I open a Gmail account when forgot password?? Troubleshooting forgot email password is not as easy as what we expect, especially if at the time of making the email accounts we don't follow all the commands suggested by Google developers, as well as include a mobile phone number or email address as an alternative recovery later on when having problems forgot the password.

The easiest thing we can do to overcome the forgot password is making a new email address, but if that email address is very important to you, then through this article I will try to share experiences where I previously never experienced forgot Gmail password

There are countless guides that explain how to overcome forgot Gmail password, but all that was not doable, not even anything to fruition.

Well, in this article, I will not provide methods that can not be done. Such as reset Gmail password belonging to others that it didn't seem possible we can do. Because Google developers now has provided special security features for all users

For those of you who are having problems forgot Gmail password, then below are the steps that you can try:

How To Reset Gmail Password

1. First, please visit the Gmail sign in page via the following link

2. Next, enter your email address who forgot password

3. Next, you can try resetting your password by way of entering the password you've used previously (see the image below)

4. If the above is not the way you can do, then you could try a second way i.e. answer the question given by Google by clicking Try a different Question

Note: this will work if you ever add a Gmail address alternative at the time you register for email. In other words: (the email account forgot password associated with a different email address/alternative email)

5. On the question (1), please select the month and year when you create a Google account, then click Next

6. If the previous question you answered correctly, then in the next step you will be asked to enter your email address alternatives associated with your Google account to get the verification code resetting your password), then click Next

7. Next, please log in to your Gmail address alternatives to get the verification code, then enter the code in the column Enter the 6-digit code (see image below)

8. After you enter a verification code, please click Next

9. The display above shows that you have successfully reset your old password and asked to create a new password.

Note: If both of the above ways you can use, then you can create a new email address. Please read the Guide --> creating a Gmail account

That's how to troubleshoot guide forgot Gmail password, hopefully, this article can help you.