Download Facebook App For Android | Facebook Login Mobile Android

Facebook App Download For Android ~ Views of user traffic in 2016, most people open their Facebook account via mobile phone, either through blackberry, iPhone, android or windows phone. It can be seen from the increasing number of download facebook application from time to time.

By using the FB app you can now easily to access your Facebook account, update status can at any time, notification you can view anywhere, up to selfie photos you can upload and share with ease.

Entering the age of the current technology, all applications of social networking continue to undergo renewal to perfect its features, no exception of Facebook continues to innovate against the application, up to now the Facebook applications have features that are very perfect.

There is currently two mobile Facebook app is the most downloaded and used by Android users, namely: Facebook katana version and Facebook lite version, Both of these applications have advantages and disadvantages for each feature that is owned

Well, in this article I will give you the latest version of the android facebook application which you can download for free

Download Facebook App

Facebook App For Android --> Download

#the link above will lead to the play store, click Install to start the download

Facebook Login In Android App:

1. Please open the Facebook application is already installed and will look like the following

  • Email or Phone: enter the email address or mobile phone number to your FB account
  • Password: type the password of your Facebook account
  • After that, click the Login, then you've successfully signed in to facebook app
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Do you need a Facebook application super fast?

If you need a lightweight version of the Facebook application and super fast, then you could try the lite facebook application below

Facebook Lite

The Facebook version uses fewer data and can be used in all network conditions
  • The file size is much smaller so more rapidly in their use
  • Load a Facebook page and upload photos can quickly
  • Use the data in fewer, more efficient and cost-effective
  • Can be used on all networks
  • Can be used on all Android phones

Hundreds of millions of people in the world have been using Facebook application lite version, if you are interested, then you can try this application by way of download it via the download link I've provided.

That's the two Facebook mobile app information the most downloaded and used by Facebook users.